hearth in you

you tell me I am a heater
as we lay
melting into one another
but your warmth is overwhelming

I’ve been staring at the light
becoming brighter on the inside
of sheer black curtains
I’m usually so
but today I hope the sun
chooses to sleep a bit longer
so you can too


bits   and   pieces
of jewelry
          except by time
sit idle
in a    wooden box
in a         house
that you haven’t thought about in years

and their glow
     still exists   
          in my head
I am    almost    sure
they are more beautiful
          than ever


I found a note in a field of orchids
      that asked me if
I had ever seen a storm like this before
       never-ending clouds
rain in such an amount that
everything in its wake dissolved
      melting together
      and forming something new

I empathize with the crescent moon
with the rising smoke
from a burning tree in the distance             
      I am a notion
            an impression
                   decaying and flourishing
permutating within every moment


how many times can you
reframe the same decaying portrait
until it becomes something else entirely?

commanded by the tides
by the webs that you form
the webs that form you
thoughtless lust
clawing at your stomach
clawing at all of your senses

balance, balance, balance
screams the heart
that couldn’t help but look down
you didn’t hear it
you were too occupied
hanging paintings with your eyes closed


for the smallest moments
ripples in a murky puddle

I want to lay
in grass and dirt and
dig for worms so I can
watch them dance with
graceful simplicity
atop my blackened fingers
I want to sit so very
still until I become the unmovable stone or
the unshakeable tree
and maybe then the rabbit will see that
I just wanted to say hello
I just wanted to say hello