forever hunting

amongst barren grounds

a craving consciousness,

never satiated

searching for

another dose of dopamine

and spending another night

asleep with the lights on



until you run out of breath

in the dark

shadows move freely in the dark

there are holes in the walls again

i can’t see the other side

but i think it sees me

if leaving was an option

would you still stay?

or does this only exist

because we’re here


rhythmic union

that song’s

been in my head for days

the sound, reminiscent

of times that felt wasted

but in hindsight

they were all that mattered

a rhythmic union

truth within a moment

soon to be a forgotten feeling

brought back to life in memories

that slowly slip away

the tighter you hold on


cyclical beings

afraid of running in circles

do we exist

within ourselves?

or are we simply

reflections of reality

a rippling visage

reflected back atop shallow water

the answers

lie within the journey


until you stop searching