fuzzy memories

blurred from bliss

hazy days spent with indulgence

reckless nights spent without regard

stolen bottles smashed onto asphalt

sirens, running

back to the safe house

for more chemicals

more meaningless sex

waking up in a strangers bed

resolutions and regret

recoil and resent

relapse and repeat

drug dreams

I’m drifting up
and crashing down
I’ll follow-up
don’t turn around
just drink the cup
without a sound
and don’t letup
or else you’ll drown

cyclical patterns of joy and desolation
of abuse and abstaining
it might have been my imagination
but I woke up; it’s still raining

drug dreams
and cold sweat
it seems
I reset

so I’ll have one more
and I will make sure
there are no more surprises
until tomorrow’s sun rises