I know
I know know it’s deadly curiosity
but I have to ask
how does this make you feel?
don’t give me
your best case scenario
your customer service
your fucking plastic thoughts
I need to know
how this makes you feel
from the places you don’t let yourself see
the cries from inside that you stifle
the you lost in the woods
I need to know


I am
a getaway driver
chasing distractions
from a singular truth
tangled in strategic pleasantry
in absurd conflict
in lies

I haven’t looked back
in what feels like years
but I can still hear them coming
echoes in a small room


tread the tight rope
deliberate motion
for a better tomorrow
hesitant balance
blinded by the sickening desire
to fall
to feel the friction
of freezing air against my skin
to satiate the part of me
that wonders whether the bottom
is all that bad

as one

in the throes
I allowed myself a small glimpse
outside of the constraints of time
I was met with the
wonderful and awful realization

another lonely heart
watching the universe breathe as one
the impossible idea
that it could all be so simple