faint music shimmered into existence

the sound stumbling up the stairs

trickling in through the windows

a familiar and foreign melody

it sounded hopeful

the hope that rises out of grief

the rebirth after decay

a symphony spilling onto reality

and within the noise lied meaning

lied answers

the music grew louder

and louder

it became deafening, shaking the foundations that had laid since the beginning

and yet it was ignored

for we were too overstimulated by the lies

and too cautious to accept the truth

damaged goods

you found me on the road

a wandering stray, weighed down by the past

you took me in

made me yours

and nursed me back to health

I smiled and watched yours fade

at first you grew distant

then you became angry

and soon, you began ripping off the bandages you had so delicately placed

tearing the stitches out

only to sow them back in again and again

I wasn’t your lover

I was your patient


your lips were cold

pressed against my forehead

a slight shock back to reality

reassurance emanated from your skin

your aura dispensing calmness

your eyes portraying compassion

the healer

the nurturer

bring me back to life

into a world under your protection

for I am still weak from the fall

nostalgia (?)

my favorite song is on
it reminds me of that one acid trip
where we were on the beach
watching the stars explode
the air breathing in and out
the waves circulating, crashing and retreating

we talked of trust
not directly, but it was clear
after that day I would die for you
you would kill for me
and I wouldn’t tell a soul

and when the hallucinations faded
and we weren’t vulnerable
something was different
the only bridge still standing

my favorite song is on
i just can’t hear it anymore